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Leaving on a Champagne Cork: This is Not a Funeral-It is a Celebration!

Leaving on a Champagne Cork: This is Not a Funeral-It is a Celebration! - Bayou Blend Apparel
I started this co over 5 years ago for my family, + now closing it for my family. I wholeheartedly know my purpose has been filled. Through my walk...

Birthdays, Anniversaries + Reflections

Birthdays, Anniversaries + Reflections - Bayou Blend Apparel
Birthdays + Anniversaries are a time for reflection. We often use this time as a measurement to see how far we have come in our 365 days around the Sun, i.e. the goals we have achieved + the ones we still want to meet. 


PEACE BE WITH YOU. - Bayou Blend Apparel
PEACE BE WITH YOU. Did you know Jesus says this phrase (salutation) four times after his resurrection? Luke 24:36: “While they were still talking ...

Success + Authenticity

Success + Authenticity - Bayou Blend Apparel
"Authenticity + transparency are common dominators to a 'successful' business. Authenticity is such a powerful word. We are loaded with false signa...

Triggered Trauma

Triggered Trauma - Bayou Blend Apparel
Cyclic vomiting syndrome, ever heard of it? I haven't until a few days ago. Many of you know my story. I started Bayou Blend Apparel a few months a...

Call Me Angel

Call Me Angel - Bayou Blend Apparel
Just recently I posted the following message on social media…  [Call Me Angel- do you believe in Angels? This isn’t like Peter Pan, where you have ...

LA Grit x Never Forget

LA Grit x Never Forget - Bayou Blend Apparel
Can lightening strike multiple times? This is a question a lot of us in Southwest Louisiana are asking ourselves on the anniversary of the start of...

Hello, it’s me...

Hello, it’s me... - Bayou Blend Apparel
It’s Kaysie, owner + founder of Bayou Blend Apparel: a blend of coastal, spiritual + southern inspired purposeful streetwear- from stylish graphic tees to comfy fleece + newly introduced organic cotton solid basics. We’re sure to become besties soon.