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Success + Authenticity

"Authenticity + transparency are common dominators to a 'successful' business. Authenticity is such a powerful word. We are loaded with false signals every day. People crave connection, attention + direction. It is how we are wired by our creator. When we engage in a place of authenticity, we engage on a soul level. People want to know they are not alone, that someone is not only listening but WILLING to hear them. Customers are no longer just
consumers, they are collaborators."
- when asked by @voyagedallas "What makes Bayou Blend successful?"

I love being interviewed because it always brings me back to a place of awareness. "Be Still Like the Desert" is one of my favorite tees for that reason. To be Authentic we must be still..."be still before the Lord + wait patiently for him," Psalm 37:7
Authenticity doesn't happen overnight. It comes from years of allowing yourself grace + mercy. It comes with transparency of yourself + with others. It also comes from knowing your purpose-the moment you make a connection between soul + body.

When you are still before GOD, then you are STILL in the KNOWING. Being in the KNOWING is the essence of AUTHENTICITY + living your PURPOSE.

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