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Shattered: Hope + Healing

“The color green strikes a balance between head + heart. Those who lead with their emotions are subtly reminded to think logically when they see the color green. On the other hand, unfeeling individuals may become more sentimental when they cross paths with this viridescent shade. The color green encourages us to have a healthy relationship with our feelings. Emotions aren’t reserved for the weak, + the color green is a strong proponent of this notion.”

Green is the perfect color for the cover of this book about hope + healing. Shattered was written by two best friends who have experienced loss in two different ways, one from a divorce + one from death. One can say divorce can be like a death for the feeling of loss knows no difference when it comes to the pains of the heart. But without pain, we don’t experience our own strength + God’s will. When we lift that pain to God, our strength is limitless. It’s not an overnight healing or fix. This is why Shattered is a wonderful addition to anyone’s “healing”collection. Taking you through the journey of grief one day at a time, it comforts your grievances with daily scripture + builds your foundation of hope with a journal section to release your own experiences. I recommend this book to anyone + everyone. As a child of divorce, it allowed me to understand the nature of my own journey as well as seeing it through my mother’s eyes. Oh yes, one of the authors is my mother, Sharon Steinman. She found her voice in her written word but continues to heal her heart + feed her soul with God’s word. Book is available