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NO to the DEVILS + the Gift of Self-Compassion

I am sitting in my driveway crying. I just drove by our local park + saw a woman jogging with this muscle tee on! She was like a beam of light. I yelled “YES! YES, God, THANK YOU!” This morning I found myself struggling with my own “Devils” of insecurity, doubt, fear + worry. I had to say out loud “God, thank you that you hold me + my purpose in the palm of your hand. Thank you that I am building a brand to help others, thank you that you are preparing me for dreams that are bigger than I can ever imagine, thank you that your timing is perfection.” Saying it out loud forces me to hear my own conviction + intentions. It wasn’t 10 min later that I saw this beautiful women jogging. What a perfect tee to wear when exercising your mind, body + soul.
I myself, am trying to get back in a health routine + get back a piece of me. My focus is no longer weight, it’s health + longevity. I’m turning 40 in August + my gift to myself is self-compassion. Self-Compassion allows you to fight the “Devils” that try to get us down.

Thank you God for the simple reminder,
“SEE NO DEVIL (I will not see myself less-than),
HEAR NO DEVIL (I will not let others define me)
SPEAK NO DEVIL (I will not speak against myself).

I will be thankful for today + the gift of life. I will be thankful for the adversities that help me grow. I will be thankful for the simple reminders that we are not alone + you are listening...thank you

Blessings to you,


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