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Leaving on a Champagne Cork: This is Not a Funeral-It is a Celebration!

I started this co over 5 years ago for my family, + now closing it for my family. I wholeheartedly know my purpose has been filled. Through my walk with God, seeds were sown, roots were planted, + through growth, I witnessed the bearing of tremendous spiritual + physical fruit. I have checked off all the boxes. Opening the storefront has been an incredible opportunity + experience. Your support has been so amazing-I cannot keep up with the growth. I have such a phenomenal team this business took off at a rapid speed. I know in order to keep growing, I would have to grow with it. At this time in my life I can say-I know it means I would have to sacrifice a part of me that I am not willing to do, it belongs to God + my family. 
I love this K.C + the Sunshine Band album cover. A fun fact for locals reading this- Coach O nicknamed me “Sunshine” in high school. I like to think this is what I have done with creating Bayou Blend. I spread sunshine, not a just a light, onto the Autism Community + Sensory-Sensitive individuals. We have been celebrity endorsed, locally + globally recognized, + been a part of amazing opportunities of giving to nonprofits globally mounting over $150k in donations. Our apparel has touched thousands of lives, ensuring the phrase #wearautism. I owe huge gratitude to so many for participating in this divine purpose. I have sincerely prayed blessings for everyone that has been a part of the co from vendors to customers. Thank you for your open hearts + generosity. 
It is time to exit on a champagne cork, just my style. This is not a funeral, it is a celebration that I want to share with all of you. Starting today we will have 12 Days of Giveaways! We will countdown lots of fun opportunities for you to get your Bayou Blend before the year ends. After Dec our doors will close + website will not be active for purchases. We are available for wholesale + will announce our retailers to you at the end of the year. I encourage you to follow social media + emails bc I love to GiveBack + PARTY!
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