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Labor of Love

Today is Labor Day, celebrating the achievements + contributions of American workers. I would like to extend love to all of those who have contributed to Bayou Blend Apparel over the last four years. We are USA made + ship across the country. We started from a need within my own family for sensory-friendly clothing that soon became a soul purpose. Thank you to @carolinesblend for joining this journey a few months ago but settling in like you have been here from the beginning. Thank you to all my babysitters who have helped watch the kids so I can work. Thank you to my printers for helping me create a specialized cocktail of inks to execute an eco-friendly soft print. Thank you to my fabric suppliers who continue to support my mission. Thank you to all the countless friends who have just shown up to help!! A huge thank you to my parents, family + wonderful friends (too many to mention) who continue to pray over the business + me. Thank you @meganmariecompany for being with me since the beginning, executing my visions + fulfilling this dream. I am surrounded by powerhouses all the time. I continue to be in awe of generous support that encompasses me. Thank you to those who use their platforms to generously help Bayou Blend: @aplusk @dpmills10 @cmills2007 @ashmowbray @bethanyashtonwolf @talesofher. Your gracious support + genuine love continues to humble me. Thank you to my loving husband + children who encourage me to be my most authentic self + support this sacred space. But thank you most to my spiritual support, my creator who continues to push me to be ME. Please join me in praying over our country today. We have been recasted by nature + ourselves. We need universal healing. As we celebrate the hard work we have put into ourselves to contribute to others + our country, let us not forget the most universal answer to all pain- LOVE