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LA Grit x Never Forget

Can lightening strike multiple times? This is a question a lot of us in Southwest Louisiana are asking ourselves on the anniversary of the start of what became a series of storms. When the catastrophic storm, Hurricane Laura, made landfall, it rocked our little community beyond belief… and into complete grief. 

So, what does one do when they have a tshirt line-you make a relief tee, that sold out over night + raised $4k for Autism Nonprofits. We felt like we were able to turn lemons into lemonade. Then six weeks later Delta hit, followed by a freeze + a flood. Then our motives became, how do we stay afloat? How do we keep this business + mission going?

And here we are today of all days-horrifically once again glued to the news on the anniversary of devastation due to another storm.

I use the term LA Grit for several reasons. Despite the fact we are still in recovery mode, we continue to move forward. I recently just got my new roof, still have holes in my walls, shutters hanging off my house, + waiting on construction. At the shop, I have yet been able to open for over a year. When people ask me when will your storefront open, I respond with, “I don’t know, I haven’t checked the weather lately.”  This isn’t a sob fest or pity party, this is real. My stomach is in knots, my kids have grey hairs, my son is glued to the radar, + I am trying to figure out plan A., B. + C. We have businesses + employees to keep safe. Families are in desperate need + we are still in waiting.

Today as we prepare our shop, homes + families we come together in survival, humor + prayer. We ask that you do the same for all of us along the Gulf Coast.

LA Grit x Never Forget,