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Hones(tee) + Integri(tee)

With Bayou Blend you can guarantee honesty + integrity. Founder Kaysie Bolton’s intention has always been about advocating for those with Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism + other additional needs. Taking what seemed like an impossible situation + turning it into a business with a platform to publicly tell her story about her family’s journey with SPD + ASD, Bayou Blend Apparel has always been beyond the tee. Creating a individualized product for all individuals. Honesty- about the intention + the product. Integrity by giving back to the community that supported her. “Without the people in the Autism community who rallied for change, progressive therapies, & schools like the St. Nicholas Center, my son would have had a completely different path. I also say that they brought out the best in him. The support from other parents & individuals affected by their personal journeys with additional needs is an unbreakable bond. I want my son to look back & see that his parents took what could have been a “bad” situation into a hopeful one. I advocate for hope. I advocate for love. I advocate for inclusion. And I pray my children will one day adhere to this mindset & belief system, & to the importance of giving back. I want them to know that set backs are only set ups for a greater good. The tees legitimately fill a void needed in the fashion industry, but they are only a vehicle in reaching people. If my story can help others, & the tees allow me to contribute to the world, then I am living my purpose. Finding one’s authentic self is freedom. It’s freedom to live without fearing the judgment of others & without the fear of failure. When you live in authenticity, & honesty-then the integrity will follow.”