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Call Me Angel

Just recently I posted the following message on social media… 

[Call Me Angel- do you believe in Angels? This isn’t like Peter Pan, where you have to say you believe or you jeopardize the life of a fairy. But, in the same context, I will say, “I do believe in Angels, I do, I do!” Since I was a little girl I was fascinated by these majestic creatures from Heaven. My grandmother collected them, + I always felt that love was passed down to me. In the most recent years, I have learned these magnificent beings have names + purposes “duties” that are here to serve God by helping us. Gabriel for example, is not only mentioned multiple times in the Bible as God’s main messenger(famous for breaking the news to Mary ab Jesus), but he is also called upon when you need help communicating something important or when traveling. When I especially became fascinated with angels + their gifts, I would often hear the song “just call me Angel of the morning, baby.” It was like I couldn’t get it out of my head every time I prayed. I can take a hint. I told my angels, since they so significantly helped me in starting Bayou Blend I would dedicate a tee to them. Here is the Call Me Angel tee. It’s probably the softest one I sell. I encourage you to get to know them as well, talk to them as if you are talking to anyone else in a room. They are your helpers, in fact “Angel derives from the Greek angelos, a translation of a Hebrew word meaning ‘messenger’.” Someone once asked me, Kaysie, why call on angels when you can go straight to Jesus or God? The way I look at it is we all have a spiritual heavenly network the way we have here on Earth. Yes, we can go straight to God, but we naturally outreach to friends, family, counselors, therapists + others who can help us with whatever we are going through. Why wouldn’t God outsource-He’s infinite, he’s creative. Just as each + one of us has a purpose-so do his Angels. We are all meant to utilize our gifts heavenly + earth bound. I have a really cool personal story about angels that I will post on my blog tomorrow on’s blog, “What’s Your Blend?” I told this story recently + it still amazes me. I will also dive deep into some of the Angels I know by name + their wonderful talents.]

So here my story, on May 13, 2017 I was driving with the kids in the car home from my brother's graduation in Texas.  My husband was ahead of me during our trip.  From the moment I turned on the vehicle, I had a pit in my stomach, and began praying for our safety.  I prayed for four hours straight.  I had this lurking feeling that we were in danger. I chucked it up to the fact I was desperately in need of sleep.  The night before I woke up in the middle of the night, and couldn't go back to bed. I was compelled to start googling Angels, and who to call on for your time in need, and at that moment, I needed sleep (call on Azrael).  I happily read there are a group of traveling angels, the following Archangels: Gabriel "God is my Strength,"  Michael "who is like God," and Raphael "God heals."  All very interesting, but I didn't think anything of it, until I screamed out their names involuntarily in my time of need. 

You see, as we were just ten minutes away from home, and ascending the 210 bridge, I had a vehicle flipping off the bridge.  I gasped, and said out loud "Oh God!"  I was shocked I had this vision, and almost repulsed I would imagine something like that happening.  Then there he was, an erratic driver on my tail, so close I couldn't see his taillights until he would swerve to the left of me (I was in the right lane), and was trying to pass me.  But he couldn't- there was another car in that lane, so he would swerve right to left and bump my bumper.  This felt like hours, but was happening in seconds.  I screamed out the angles names to protect me- "Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Help Me!"

He kept moving back and forth.  If that car in the left lane moved, he could easily come around and knock me off with his force. We were reaching the peak of the bridge, and I called my husband who had already descended and told him, "If you don't see me soon, I have been hit by a drunk driver, and know I love you so much." He screamed, "Get away from him Kaysie!" to which I replied, "I can't!!! He's on my tail and swerving!" At that moment, the car disappeared in the left lane, and I quickly switched to the left lane so he could pass me on the right because we were at the peak of the bridge.  I figured, I slow down and he can stay in that lane and go. 

While on the phone, I yelled "God!!! HELP ME!" and then boom, the car hit the right side of the bridge and then the left, and literally went sideways on the bridge.  My immediate thought was the people behind me would be going 55-60 mph over this peak, and hit this guy head-on not knowing there was an accident!  I yelled to my husband, "Call 911 NOW!" By this point I was exiting safely, and praying desperately for those following behind me (while my children slept soundly-another miracle). 

My husband had pulled off by the exit, and watched me exit to make sure I was safe, and stayed there until the police arrived.  It so happened that there was a sheriff five minutes away!  But, no other car followed me or was in front of me.  So, what happened to that car that was in the left lane preventing the driver from passing me on the left that "disappeared?"  I can only explain that as a true miracle, and Angels at work.  The erratic driver totaled his vehicle, but walked away.  The sheriff was able to block the road in time to safely secure the area.  The next car after me happen to be one of my best friend's family.  Her son and husband were driving home from a sports event.  We didn't know each other at that time, but God soon united us.  That was also the month I started Bayou Blend Apparel. I have no doubt that we have a spiritual village surrounding us.  One of my favorite books to read about Angels is Angel Insights by Tanya Carroll Richardson.  I love anything by Doreen Virtue. 

There are Archangels, and Guardian Angels.  Talk to them, become intimate with them, and learn their names and roles.  You never know when you will need Angels for a miracle.