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Birthdays, Anniversaries + Reflections

Birthdays + Anniversaries are a time for reflection. We often use this time as a measurement to see how far we have come in our 365 days around the Sun, i.e. the goals we have achieved + the ones we still want to meet. 
Today is Bayou Blend’s birthday! One year for our “little brick + mortar that could.” I say this because I signed our lease in June 2020 + Hurricane Laura hit shortly in August, then Hurricane Delta hit in October. It’s incredible to think we opened exactly a year later.
I am so thankful to my Krewe: Grace, Brenna, Emily, Natalie, Blaze + Quincy who have contributed joy, creativity, enthusiasm + love to our blend. I am so grateful to our customers who have supported our Autism advocacy by purchasing our clothing + sharing their own stories along the way. A huge thanks to the American Press, Tourist Bureau, Thrive, Lola Magazine + all of the other media outlets who have covered our shop + mission. Thank you to our models, graphic/website designer + vendors for contributing to our creative process. 
You ALL are a part of my blend, my journey, my story + together WE make Bayou Blend.